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Join us again this Fall and Winter for Meditation Wednesday!

Each new session will introduce a meditation/prayer style from different traditions.  This fall, in honor of the Congregation of the Daughters of Divine Charity, who used Rutherfurd Hall as a convalescent facility for retired nuns, we will introduce meditation (prayer) lessons/experience in Catholic tradition. The Fall sessions will be held from 6:30-7:30pm on the following [...]

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Is There Such a Thing as Healthy Control?

Is There Such a Thing as Healthy Control? Healthy control almost seems like an oxymoron. Yet, as contradicting as it sounds, there can be a perspective or understanding to this concept. Allow me give this a try... We all know that controlling most anything, in my opinion, is stressful, counter-productive, and impracticable. Think about it, [...]

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Your Wedding, Your Way!

Your Wedding, Your Way! It's wedding season. With over ten years experience, and a professional yet light-hearted standard, I write your ceremony just for you. Because I write ceremonies with the couple in mind, my services are limited to one wedding a month. Call for a complementary meeting today! 908-850-6475

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Three Tips for Life

Three Tips for Life Look, we all know it; stuff happens. I call it life. Generations have been experiencing it since the beginning of human presence on this earth. The question is, how do we acknowledge the “stuff” happening without it taking us to the dark side. For this article, the dark side means taking [...]

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A Monastic Experience

A monastic experience can take place anytime, anywhere. A monastic life takes perseverence, faith, and intention. Here's a story. A Monastic Experience Most people who know me are unaware of a monastic experience I had a few years back. I lived with the Sisters at the Community of Saint John Baptist (CSJB) in Mendham, NJ [...]

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It’s Your Health…It’s Your Choice

"For more than 75 years, Harvard researchers have been tracking a group of graduates of the university in an attempt to learn what makes people happy and healthy. Another Harvard team focused on a different group - young men from poor Boston neighborhoods who managed to stay out of trouble despite coming from the kinds [...]

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A Twist to Thankfulness

Thanksgiving Day offers us a pause in life to reflect on gratitude. It is a long-held practice with the hopes that it will never fade. The art of gratitude is as perennial as the stars. Being thankful can be effortless with respect to what is working out for us. But what about that which is [...]

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10 Ways to Work Meditation Into Your Day

I was recently featured on  Please click the link below and enjoy the article.  It is stated in the article that I am an "expert."  Nay, I simply choose to learn and practice.  Peace...

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