Claire recently spoke to me about an interview for a school she wanted to attend.  At the age of 60, she was somewhat pessimistic.  With her permission, I share her story.  Claire was fearful about the meeting because she believes she does not speak well at interviews.   A friend, after hearing Claire’s fears, gently reminded her to keep God close by during the interview.  Claire thought this to be a good idea being that she shares a deep, personal relationship with God, and she left her friend with a smile and a more positive attitude.

When the interview day came, Claire was feeling pretty optimistic about it all until, after parking and walking in to the building, she realized she could not find the interview room, and to make matters worse, she was late!  Fear and anxiety begot her.  After finally finding the correct room, she walked through the threshold with broken breath as her interviewers greeted her.  Claire sat down, totally forgetting about her friend’s advice, and began the interview.  As time passed, Claire became more relaxed and remembered her friend’s advice, so she demurely leaned over to connect with God in the empty (?) chair next to her.  Her touch lay directly on God’s knees.  The interview went well, and she was accepted into the school.

After hearing Claire’s story, I asked her, “So what was God like?”  She declared, “God has boney knees!”  After some giggles we hugged and were reminded about just how close God is.