Not a groan, nor a moan can meet the sweetness of a sigh. The sigh, that cleanses the body with a sense of relief and the soul with the liberation of acquiescence.

Oddly enough, an article in Mental Floss states that sighing is good for you and “In fact, you’d die without it.” (

So find that perfect moment and let it go, the sigh that is, and feel the sweetness of release.

Jean Marie


Enjoy the musings Cathy Yonki. My wish for you is that it inspires you to ponder, express, and reap the rewards of reflection.

Morning Gems

There are diamonds on the tree leaves
Droplets of water from last night’s downpour
Backlit by the morning sun.

The wind blows and showers of the precious gems
Fall to the ground from the red maple outside my kitchen door.

The boughs of the tree rise up as their load is lightened.