Dear Friend,

I am frequently asked who is Jean Marie and what exactly is your business. I rarely call what I do a business; it is more about who I am and how I can foster one’s journey.

My life (business) is about “fostering and facilitating” individuals one-on-one and groups with retreats and workshops.

As a Life Coach, I empower people to live full, abundant, & positive lives, which enhances their business as well as other aspects of their lives.   Clients experience personal wellbeing, clarity, focus, peace and insight. My motto is simply: “You matter: your journey, your path.”

As a Wedding Officiant, I marry people. Ceremonies, spiritual or secular, are written especially for you two. The motto is “Your wedding, your way.” Deeply enriching, personal ceremonies are what clients experience.  And, yes, I believe in equality.

Other life milestones such as baptisms and funerals are also written specifically for you and those you love.

As a Spiritual Director, I companion individuals looking for a deeper, personal connection to God and self, whomever they believe their God to be. The motto: “Where humanness meets holiness.” We sometimes forget this sacred aspect of our lives. Clients experience a deeper, personal connection to self and God.

As a Yoga Instructor, I help one grow in wellness.  We are only as young as the flexibility in our spines.  Fostering this journey also helps one break through barriers and limiting beliefs physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Clients experience amazing personal and physical changes.

We can do anything.  All we need to say is, “Yes!”

Looking forward to journeying (working) together!