“For more than 75 years, Harvard researchers have been tracking a group of graduates of the university in an attempt to learn what makes people happy and healthy. Another Harvard team focused on a different group – young men from poor Boston neighborhoods who managed to stay out of trouble despite coming from the kinds of homes that often produce delinquents. Over the years, the two groups melded. Thus far, the study has concluded that alcohol was a primary contributor to divorce, that alcohol abuse often precedes depression (rather than depression leading to drinking), that not smoking is the best way to promote healthy aging, and that liberals had longer and more active sex lives than conservatives. Perhaps more importantly, the study showed that the most consistent positive influence on health and well-being is the strength of relationships with friends and family, particularly with spouses. In fact, it found that people with the strongest family relationships were least likely to develop chronic diseases, mental illness or memory problems. That goes for people who cultivated other relationships, too – those who maintained ties outside the home with colleagues at work or friendships formed after retirement.” (taken from an article written by Dr. Raymond Weil.)

Meaningful connections in life keep us healthy and strong mentally, spiritually, and physically. You can eat well, smartly supplement, breathe mindfully, and exercise daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Why choose suffering when we can choose to thrive? It is your health…it is your choice. ~Jean Marie