A Monastic Experience

A monastic experience can take place anytime, anywhere. A monastic life takes perseverence, faith, and intention. Here's a story. A Monastic Experience Most people who know me are unaware of a monastic experience I had a few years back. I lived with the Sisters at the Community of Saint John Baptist (CSJB) in Mendham, NJ [...]

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It’s Your Health…It’s Your Choice

"For more than 75 years, Harvard researchers have been tracking a group of graduates of the university in an attempt to learn what makes people happy and healthy. Another Harvard team focused on a different group - young men from poor Boston neighborhoods who managed to stay out of trouble despite coming from the kinds [...]

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A Twist to Thankfulness

Thanksgiving Day offers us a pause in life to reflect on gratitude. It is a long-held practice with the hopes that it will never fade. The art of gratitude is as perennial as the stars. Being thankful can be effortless with respect to what is working out for us. But what about that which is [...]

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10 Ways to Work Meditation Into Your Day

I was recently featured on  Please click the link below and enjoy the article.  It is stated in the article that I am an "expert."  Nay, I simply choose to learn and practice.  Peace...

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Defining Success

Have you ever noticed how some folk succeed financially in life while others struggle? After doing some research and talking to different people about their perception of success, there appears to be many theories and opinions as to the difference. This article is posed to offer simple wisdom for our perceived struggles surrounding financial quandaries. [...]

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Let Go and it Will Come to You…Really?

Just the thought of letting something go and "it will come to you" seems like a dichotomy. Yet if we look deeper into the meaning, we can discover what exactly that means. When we are born into our life's circumstance, we learn and grow according to the ways of those who raise us. And then [...]

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What is Love Exactly?

Love is about getting past ourselves so we can fully embrace others, regardless of who we perceive them to be or what their personalities present.  The practice of love is a life-long journey, and that journey can lead you home. ~Jean Marie

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