Three Tips for Life

Look, we all know it; stuff happens. I call it life. Generations have been experiencing it since the beginning of human presence on this earth. The question is, how do we acknowledge the “stuff” happening without it taking us to the dark side. For this article, the dark side means taking us out of our pure self, which can drive us to name calling, abusing, becoming melancholy, or worse yet, ambivalent, to name a few low energy feelings.

Here, I offer three tips or starters to move forward:

1. Acceptance (of what is or realization of truth)
2. Change your mindset (from lower energy thinking to higher energy thinking)
3. Get re-focused (indecisiveness or a dual mind can keep you down)

Our brain is what drags us down, not life itself. “How do you get the brain to focus,” you ask?
Try meditation, breath work, reframing your words, and for goodness sake, try hard to find the silver lining!

In growth and gratitude,
Jean Marie