2017 Aging Gracefully Day Retreat

Jean Marie, thank you for doing a wonderful job organizing that wonderful event – I have never been to anything like that before, but I was very impressed how smoothly everything went, the variety of presenters and Rutherford Hall is a beautiful venue. I know it was a lot of work for you…thank you.

– Joy V. (Milford, PA)

2013 Women’s Retreat

“Once again, a stellar, exhilarating, enhancing retreat has come and gone! Thank you and Mary Ellen for all your efforts, your guidance, and love.”

Advent Retreat

“At the beginning of Advent 2016 I attended Jean Marie’s workshop called, “Advent: Who’s Waiting for Whom?” There is no one thing that I could have done that would have better prepared me for the Christmas season! It was the perfect opportunity to reflect inward, to sit quietly and to focus on the Hope Peace Joy and Love that awaits, when we make ourselves available to these gifts.

Jean Marie provided thoughtful guidance, prompted self-awareness and introspection, and invited us to explore how it feels to be waiting. She encouraged movement with the use of a (portable) labyrinth, which was my favorite part and offered action items to bring along throughout the remainder of Advent.”

– Cathy Y. (Long Valley, NJ)

Aging Gracefully Day Retreat – January 2017 

“Thanks again…meeting all expectations.” – Marcia (New Jersey)

“Thank you for a lovely and informative day yesterday, perfect time of year too” – Lil S. (New Jersey)

Coaching Testimonials

“I have been on the self help wagon for the last 20 years. I learned much about myself and humanity through many different avenues. Still, I could not get past certain obstacles. I was left with feelings of frustration and inadequacy. I was fortunate enough to encounter a weekend retreat with Jean Marie. Through love and support, she helped walk me through areas that I was unable to pin point. She left me with the insight and tools to begin living a life with purpose, grace and ease.”

– Lucille G (Kinnelon, NJ)

“I’ve experienced first hand two great qualities possessed by Jean Marie. First, she helps me get to the essence of my challenges. Second, she inspires me to develop and commit to the actions I know will quicken my progress beyond those challenges. Both qualities are vital in a great coach; her adeptness with them has helped me move forward on several fronts.”

– Scott T. (Texas)

“You have been a miracle in my life. I hope one day I can be a miracle for someone who needs it.”

– Anonymous

“Jean Marie helped me when I was at a point in my life where I felt “stuck”. I had recently had some health issues created by stress and was seeking to improve my life emotionally, mentally, and spiritually (not only physically — addressing the physical aspect of stress is pretty straightforward — eat better, sleep better and exercise!!). I had some personal habits that were weighing me down and I felt trapped in them, like I couldn’t move forward. I also felt I was being controlling and at times couldn’t understand why others didn’t see my point of view. My Life Coaching sessions with Jean Marie enabled me to open my mind to the possibility of seeing myself in a different manner. Since then, I have practiced compassion for who I am and it has made a big difference in my life and with my relationships with others. It’s difficult to break thought patterns that you’ve had for years, but having these sessions with Jean Marie has definitely made me look at them and honestly address them. This provides me with a much more healthier way of treating myself and others with compassion without the guilt!”

– J.D. (Hackettstown, NJ)

”It was no accident when I ran into Jean Marie. I was stuck in a too comfortable place, but one consumed with not taking care of important issues I needed to overcome: dealing with my ex. Jean Marie helped me get unstuck, break the emotional barrier of dealing with my ex, and shed the light on tools to empower myself! Thanks, Jean Marie! You are the best!”

– Anonymous (Long Valley, NJ)

“Working with Jean Marie as a coach has enabled me to realize how strong and capable a woman I am physically, emotionally and spiritually. Coaching, coupled with her retreats, has brought out strength and resilience which benefited me in many ways. Her coaching and retreats have given me the opportunity to develop deeper and more fulfilling relationships while developing a sense of peace within my heart. I’m very grateful!”

– Barbara S. (Long Valley, NJ)

“Hi Seester, I know you also have received this email but I wanted to forward it on to you (again)! I love this whole passage Jean Marie writes. More recently I have used these powerful words and message again and again. It has really helped me! I had a pretty tough confrontational situation at work just yesterday morning and kept the ‘Calmness is power’ thought in my mind so I wouldn’t do verbally or bodily harm to another employee. Then, driving away, I just kept love and light in my mind. It really does make a difference in shifting the energy. I look forward to her emails.”

– Noelley, CO

“Words cannot express how very grateful I am God placed Jean Marie in my path on my life journey. He knew her spiritual guidance and energetic coaching skills would help bring me closer to finding the peace I was so desperately searching for.”

– Carol Ann (New Jersey)

“I have had the privilege of engaging Jean Marie’s services as a life coach as well as attending several retreats led by her. She is a gifted coach who is intuitive, practical and down to earth. She has guided me through several stumbling blocks in my personal growth , helping me to make small, manageable goals . She is capable of adapting to various settings and individuals, meeting the needs of the individual be it coaching or a retreat. She is punctual and well prepared, always surpassing expectations. I highly recommend her!”

– JI  (Sparta, NJ)

“Jean Marie is a dynamic speaker. More importantly, she is a great listener. Whether she is teaching a yoga class, life coaching, speaking to a large group, or hiking the trail, when she asks questions, she has a way about her that gets right to the point and makes you wonder, ‘Why didn’t I think about it that way before?'”

– R.J. Belvidere, NJ.

“I met Jean Marie when I first moved to the East Coast almost 30 years ago. My husband, who is a Clinical Psychologist, thinks she is intelligent and positive all around. There are times in our lives when “assistance in perspective” can be a beautiful thing. I highly recommend Fostering the Journey with Jean Marie.”

– G.A., Montville, NJ

“I had the privilege of engaging the services of this extremely gifted woman.  Jean Marie is warm, caring, fun and amazingly intuitive. I would seek her services again and highly recommend her!”

– Janice I. (Sparta, NJ)

“Through soulful listening and positive motivation, Jean Marie helped me to stay focused on what I wanted to improve in my life, and cheered me on in the process.”

– Lisa K. (Morris County, NJ)

“Working with Jean Marie was very easy. She listened and asked very pointed questions that got to the solution in a very short time.  Sometimes we need an outsider to listen and ask the right questions for us to reach our ultimate goal.  After our conversation there was a sense of peace and that I could accomplish this project without any problems.  She was wonderful.  Thank you!”

– Mary (Budd Lake, NJ)

“Jean Marie has a natural ability to speak to one’s soul.  Her intuition and compassion combined with her gentle reminders of accountability allow for a safe environment in which I was able to embark on the challenging journey of self inquiry. Whether the need is processing grief or creating and following a plan to accomplish a personal goal, she is the encouragement and guidance any life student is blessed to have.”

– Mary (Hackettstown, NJ)

“… Having had 2 weeks to reflect on my retreat experience, I can say it was one of the top 2 retreats I’ve been on. “… Unlike a lot of other retreats I’ve been on, I am actually putting this one into practice.  By that I mean, I attend a retreat, possibly receive an insight or are drawn closer to God but upon returning to my “normal life” those insights and feelings fade. That has not been the case with what I experienced and learned from you. I feel I am growing a little bit more each day. Thank you for sharing your gifts and insights with me…”

– CWW, Sussex, NJ

“Jean Marie is intuitive, caring, fun and deeply spiritual.  I have been enriched by her guidance as a life coach and recently a private retreat with 2 other individuals. We all came away having been stretched and supported. Thank you, Jean Marie.”

– 2013 private retreat (Sparta, NJ)

“The girls were eager to listen, learn and most importantly share some of their deepest fears and feelings.  It was wonderful to watch them initially be entertained and then transformed into a most participating group.  Many spoke from the heart and others felt valued at their knowledge of self.

As a silent adult present, I witnessed many young teens’ sincere expressions.  Some were eager to share of themselves due to different issues or conflicts they are currently experiencing in life.  Others were intrigued and listened with a thirst for learning more.  I believe that some were just supportive and relieved to know how accepted they could be to just be themselves.  I know my own daughter found that it is okay to cry when the pain is there.  As a parent we don’t want to see our children hurt but supporting them through the difficult times is sometimes all we can do.

My overall view was that the 24 girls got a lot out of this presentation and gained a good insight of self.  I hope the impact-fulness continues on to make them feel strong and proud about themselves.”

– Self-Esteem Workshop, Girl Scout Troop 1698, (Long Valley, NJ)

We couldn’t have asked for a better officiant. We knew from the moment we met Jean Marie that she is who we wanted to marry us. She has a great personality and is very professional. She helped us and walked us through the steps. She performed a beautiful ceremony. We are beyond thankful we choose her.”

– Michelle K.

“Despite our stress level being through the roof at times, it was truly the most amazing and magical day of our lives. The ceremony was wonderful and we both felt assured that we were in the best of hands. You were truly a calming and guiding presence throughout this entire process.  We received so many compliments from our guests about how unique, beautiful, and sentimental the ceremony was, and we owe that to you!”

– Anon

“Our wedding ceremony with Jean Marie was absolutely wonderful, and both my husband and I felt assured that we were in the best of hands. Jean Marie was truly a calming and guiding presence throughout the entire process. Jean Marie means it when she says it’s your wedding your way. She is there to help and guide you but understands and supports the fact that the ultimate decision lies with her clients. However, when it came down to it, she knew us as a couple so well, we didn’t want to change a single word of the ceremony she wrote for us. We received so many compliments from our guests about how unique, beautiful, and sentimental our ceremony was, which is just what we wanted. We highly recommend Jean Marie to any couple embarking on the journey of marriage. She is open-minded, open-hearted, and a true professional!”

– Heather & David Garcia

“Our wedding ceremony with Jean Marie was absolutely wonderful. She was very professional, patient and very nice. It was our wedding our way like she always said. The ceremony was beautifully personalized. Our guests told us afterward that they have never seen a wedding ceremony this beautiful! She made a last minute organization seem like it was something that we prepared years. ”

– Gilles and Aline (Hackettstown, NJ) – 2015

“All I can say is wow. Very nice job.  Thank you so very much for making us feel at ease and making the ceremony go so smoothly … I would definitely recommend you to anyone.”

– JJ & Sarah – October 2014

“The ceremony was beautiful. I wouldn’t change anything about it. Jean Marie was outstanding. It was wonderful and fun which was exactly what we wanted. Thanks again.”

– Daniel and Katharine (PA) July 2015

“When my husband and I planned on getting married, we were waiting for annulments to come through so that we could get married in the church, BUT, after waiting for 2 years, we decided to not wait and have a civil, but religious, ceremony — I called upon Jean Marie. I’m so glad I did; she saved the day! Her involvement in “my wedding, my way” was incredible. Being the spiritual-minded person that she is, she was the perfect choice for us as we still wanted to have our ceremony be about blessings from God, with biblical readings, etc.. We married in Hackettstown and the ceremony ran for about 40 minutes. Jean Marie was able to help me with planning special areas of my ceremony (passages for reading, reflections, unity candle, etc.). She paid special attention to all the little details I wanted and officiated our wedding with grace and professionalism. Jean Marie was able to be serious when called for, and interjected humor when appropriate. My husband and I LOVED our ceremony. We married 3 months ago, and people are STILL commenting on how beautiful our ceremony was — thanks to Jean Marie. When she says, “,,,it’s your wedding, your way”, she means it. She will listen attentively to what you want, and help guide it along without interfering with what you actually want. I would highly recommend her as your officiate and I will be forever grateful that I choose her to do my wedding ceremony.”

– Jill D. (July 3, 2014)

“We were recommended Jean Marie from our wedding venue. We were able to meet with Jean Marie before the wedding and we both were completely confident in Jean Marie. She did a fantastic job of officiating our ceremony. From start to finish we couldn’t have asked for a better day and Jean Marie was a huge part of that! ”

– C & K (Long Valley, NJ) June, 2015

“Thank you so much!  You were amazing yesterday! I will be referring you to all our friends.  You made our ceremony very special and just wanted to thank you one more time.”

– Kelly & Jim 2014

“Thank you so much for providing such a beautiful ceremony!  I wouldn’t have done anything different!”

– Kim & Pete B. (PA)

“Jean Marie DuHamel officiated our wedding in New York. It was a humanist, non-religious ceremony and she was very flexible and was genuinely excited about our every wish and request. She was eager to help us perform a ceremony that was genuinely ours and spoke to our values. We knew nothing about how a wedding ceremony was supposed to go, and she helped us structure it from the beginning. She is enthusiastic and easy to work with. I would recommend her services without hesitation, I felt comfortable putting the centerpiece of our important day in her hands.”

– Kori and Peter

“Jean Marie was the celebrant for the wedding of my daughter and her new husband on Oct. 21, 2016. They had contracted with her last year, and met with her shortly after to discuss options for their ceremony They essentially had no idea of what they wanted, and Jean Marie presented them with a number of scenarios to consider, but repeatedly stressed that this was their wedding and that she would not impose her views or preferences on them. Although never intrusive, Jean Marie remained in contact with them periodically until the date of the wedding, guiding them and promptly responding with flexibility as their vision for their ceremony changed and sharpened (even two days before the ceremony!). They were so pleased to have such individualized attention, and to not have a ‘cookie-cutter’ wedding ceremony, but rather one that really meant something to them personally. The ceremony was beautiful, and I can’t think of one way I would have changed it! Many of our guests commented on how thoughtful, personal, and intimate the ceremony was. I was especially struck by the fact that, unlike many celebrants I have seen over the years, Jean Marie seemed to be genuinely happy to be performing the ceremony, and to be thrilled for the newlyweds. I would highly recommend Jean Marie as a wedding celebrant to any couple who is looking for a meaningful, beautiful wedding ceremony.”

– Kathleen S. NJ

“We had Jean perform our wedding ceremony at David’s Country Inn in early November. Honestly, we couldn’t have asked for anything more. It was beautiful. She was very understanding of our needs and desires, and delivered a perfect ceremony. Even afterwards people were coming up to us and mentioning how perfect and memorable the ceremony was. I would not hesitate to recommend Jean for a wedding! Thank you Jean!”

“It was an amazing ceremony and Jean Marie said the absolutely right words. She made the day more special to us. Thank you so much.”

– Vicky & Bren

“We asked Jean Marie to officiate our wedding in April 2016 and she was great at informing us what to expect. The ceremony went smoothly despite a few hiccups along the way, and everyone loved the ceremony from beginning to end. You know you picked a great officiant when everyone kept raving how much they loved her! Thank you so much for being a wonderful part of our wedding!”

– Gloria L.

“We want to thank you for performing such an intimate, memorable, and simply perfect service to renew our vows.  You just read my mind with everything I was looking for in the ceremony… we can’t thank you enough for writing and guiding us and our families in our commitment of marriage.”

– Janice & Freddy (California)

“To be frank with you, we were talking about how beautifully the ceremony turned out. We have tons of family who felt the same way. We’re truly grateful for you and we’re so glad you took part in our wedding and you made it even more special than we could ever imagine. We’re really really grateful.”

– A & D (South Jersey)

“Jean Marie is amazing. She really personalized our ceremony and made it fun- which is exactly what we wanted. She was easy to work with and always a pleasure! We love Jean Marie! Highest recommendation.”

– J & K (Allamuchy)

“I just wanted to commend you once again for a wonderful day that you created at Rutherfurd Hall yesterday. Well Done! The participants seemed very happy and engaged during the day! Thank you for your time and energy spent on this great offering!”

– Laurie Rapisardi, Executive Director at Rutherford Hall

“As a first time yoga student, I did not know what to expect. From the moment when I first walked into Jean Marie’s studio, I felt the warmth and compassion I was hoping for. She greeted me as if we were already good friends. I have been practicing yoga with her for over two years. Her demeanor during the yoga sessions is always very calm and soothing, she encourages us to find the balance between effort and ease. I never realized how much yoga could do for me both physically and spiritually and I truly believe this is due to Jean Marie’s dedication to her students and practice.”

– Paige S. (Allamuchy, NJ)

“Jean-marie is a caring yoga guide and instructor who takes into account the individual needs of her gathering. She is gentile in her approach and spiritual in her yoga practice allowing time for everyone to participate at their comfort level, never pushing anyone to go beyond what they can accomplish, That is not to say that Jean-marie does not challenge us to become better . Instead she encourages us with new poses and explains the benefit for each one. At the end of our yoga class we are given time to relax as the lights are dimmed and music plays softly in the background.”

– Judith (Chester, NJ)

“I have thoroughly enjoyed both yoga and meditation classes from Jean Marie. She is extremely knowledgeable and shares her wealth of experience. She offers you a challenge but is always there with modifications, props, and alternatives. Her approach is refreshing and inspiring.”

– Elizabeth P. (Long Valley, NJ)

4th Annual Retreat

“Thank you all for a great inspiring weekend.  I handled all the chaos I returned home to, with a sense of centered balanced serenity.”

– D.L. (Lincoln Park, NJ)

5th Annual Retreat

 “Thank you again for another wonderful retreat. Each one I attend turns out to be the best one ever. You are a wonderful facilitator who speaks to my soul.”  

– D.D. Long Valley, NJ

“Thank you, thank you. Being part of this phenomenal experience keeps my heart smiling!”

6th Annual Retreat

“… the weekend was truly made in heaven.”

– Anonymous, NJ

“To say thank you for the best retreat yet seems
inadequate. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were absolutely magical days..”

“It was such a nice surprise to find so many
healthful choices like whole grain rolls with our turkey and veggie burgers.
Sunday’s veggie chili was soooo good!”

– Dot, Long Valley, NJ

8th Annual Retreat

“… our retreat this year was amazing!  The ending meeting around the kitchen table was just so incredible…”

– JD Hackettstown, NJ

“Thank  you so much for sharing your inspiration and wisdom with us. It was a beautiful journey with lovely women.  We are so blessed. ”

– Namaste, Annon