How are decisions made? Is it by conditioned response? Do we make decisions out of some kind of stimulus (e.g. Pavlov’s dog) or non-stimulus that keeps us moving along in daily life seemingly effortless? When something is upsetting enough to disrupt the wave we ride then questions arise. It is in the question itself that can reveal the truth to our problem.

Is there a reaction or response to the disruption of our postulated and patterned life? And, are we listening, or recognize it? One question to ask is, “Am I responding the ways I always do?” Then, “How can I change it?”

What is written in this article is something already known by most. It is intuitive. If we are responding in a conditioned way and things are not changing then it is time to change it. If not, one risks staying in a lower energy level that may create a sense of being stuck. Being stuck can create feelings of frustration, helplessness, anger, and blame, for example. I’ve heard it said, “By maintaining a negative viewpoint to a problem, we add to the problem.”

Hardship is NECESSARY for change. And frankly, it stinks. It conjures up feelings we never new we had. Still, hardship occurs to awaken us and bring us closer to love, understanding, compassion, and fortitude, to name a few, aiming in a direction of higher consciousness and peace. No one or Being does it to us, yet it happens for us. The question is how to respond.

Human conditioning plays a role in people’s behaviors. The truth rests in building internal happiness that can balance life’s distinctive storms.

Remember, questions need not be answered right away although we sometimes wish they could. Answers will come, be patient. Respond differently and learn from this opportunity of adversity.