Just the thought of letting something go and “it will come to you” seems like a dichotomy. Yet if we look deeper into the meaning, we can discover what exactly that means.
When we are born into our life’s circumstance, we learn and grow according to the ways of those who raise us. And then society takes over the teaching and we mold ourselves to what we think and believe we are. We fit ourselves in where we are accepted: we find a job to make money and to grow in our talents, and we speak words that we believe are correct, for example. It isn’t until we become aware of disharmony that we seek out another way. The disharmony is usually some disconnect from the higher self where truth and wisdom reside. It is an awareness of disconnect from the “mystery” some call Spirit or God.

So what do we need to know to remove false belief systems that have guided us through our lives and get back on the harmonic path? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Get inspired: Allow inspiration to be your guide
  2. Be willing to listen to that which inspires
  3. Surrender to the path by way of letting go what you think you know such as a time frame, attitude, format of something, and the like.
  4. Practice living in higher consciousness such as forgiveness, love, compassion.

How do we do this? Learn to sit quietly, commune with nature, pray, meditate or surrender to some method of stillness that will invite deeper listening which many Wisdom guides and teachers subscribe. When doing this, we create a space in between our thoughts and meet the Infinite where limitlessness resides. Free yourself and let go to what no longer serves you.